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” Photorealistic visualisations for Interior Designers WHO quickly communicate THEIR vision WITH clients. Our interior visuals will streamline the design process. “

Technical Drawings and Realistic 3D Visualisation

When you have a vision of design, you also wish to know the cost of the possible realisation. Please don’t hesitate to share your plans, sketches and pictures illustrating what you’re trying to achieve. We provide quotations, which you are welcome to compare with other companies. We can also supply detailed drawings and high-quality and realistic 3D visuals for your project.

Who might be interested in our services for 3D drawing?

Exceptional 3D rendering, animations, 3D visualisations services for architectural companies, interior designers, estate developers,  and individual customers.

What do we offer?

Does your project need a 3D viewing of the interiors, bespoke design furniture, recognition of the different materials and textures or lighting? Do you need to have your project in high-quality render images or on video presentation? We help with this too.

Why is useful to have 3D plans?

3D visuals is a highly useful tool in product design, as space, light and colour can be represented in a way which is impossible in 2D drawings. Also, it enables the design of your product to be perfected before it enters the production. Then the model is rendered to produce images of exceptional quality, detailing materials, textures, and lighting.

In Bespoke Factory, each visualisation you require is possible. If your client has only technical drawings or floor plans at this stage, it’s not a barrier too.

What we can provide:

  • Floor Plan
  • 2D Technical Drawing
  • Cut Through Views
  • 3D Visuals
  • Render Images
  • Animation
  • Video Presentation

How much does it cost?

We provide drawing service free of charge for customers who are looking for a bespoke kitchen or another furniture produced by our workshop.

In a case of drawings production only, the cost of high-quality 3D visualisations typically starts from £350 +VAT for still images of a simple room or building. Each project is quoted individually, based on its individual merits, type, budget, complexity and detail required.


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