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Loni jsem se vrátila do České republiky takže pomalu přechazí i můj web na čestinu. Bydlím severně od Prahy, u Kralup nad Vltavou. Odtud to mám kousek do Anglické sezóny, kde pracuji jako designérka. 

Founding of Countrylife Artist

My family has furniture and toy production tradition. My grandfather used to produce hand-made toys and my father runs his own carpenter business. I had been helping in his workshop and building sides for years. Recently, he helped to build and he still participates on a historic cruise ship. I studied design and art of handmade furniture in Bystrice pod Hostynem in the Czech Republic where TON company is based and regular visits of TON have influenced me and my work too.
Years at the university moved my interest more into fine art, digital design new technology and conceptual thinking direction. I have moved to England straight after finishing my master studies purely to improve my language skill. However, I found myself here at home. My privilege experience of living in traditional English houses and a little farm cottage ensure my eventual comeback to furniture and interior design. I knew the role of interior designer would combine all my skill, passion, and the lifestyle philosophy better than others roles.
I started running my a side business as Countrylife Artist. More likely for my friends and people surrounding me, which were looking for drawing or digital design solution for their businesses. Even if I do professional photography and I love an artwork, both very related to my job, I am mainly focused on furniture design.

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