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Types of Drawings

Classic Portrait

Let me capture Unique character of your beloved companion in every detail … Let choose the most typical emotion in their faces together, which will always catch the ongoing feeling in your memory.

Something Different

The humorous and memorable illustrations with recognisable of my own drawing manuscript. For any opportunity from an original greeting card, or even for a promotion of the band.


To be fair: Many of my best drawings are actually from not nice photos. Their weakness allows me to be far more creative. Have you got a bad or old photo, which still captured the special moment for you?

Making Drawing Order

Order Drawing

The Process of order is easy. You can send me a few images of the subject. I can also come and take images. Usually, I draw animals from photographs. If you would be keen to let me draw a live model, I am happy to do that. In average, the life model can take 4 hours of sitting for you and then I would spend some on finish touches. We will see how I get on :). I like to finish the task asap. We would discuss the conditions accordingly to our diaries.

Price and payment

The price starts from £150 per drawing. Deposit is 50%. The size of an image is not important as a difficulty of tho request, we I would discuss with you. If you would like to have an idea of the costing please have a look inside of the projects, where you will find the price.


I am live near Buckingham. I usually cooperate with Village Framer, Where the drawing would be wrap up, mounted or even get a bespoke frame. The framing is not included in my price. If you local I can always come to you. If it’s more farther We will discus the safest way of delivery.

Artwork selection from Blog



When I get involved in 3D designing and rendering of the images then I really realized the important role of lights in any space. Also, I loved to give my friends something special as a gift. Once I made these clouds light shade. Here is my little...


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