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(Bibury, Cotswold, UK)


Documentary Photography

Photography has been always my hobby although it is not my ambition to be a professional. It is a progressive opportunity to document my artwork progress and the finall image with the option of printing copies. My equipment allows me to create professional photos and their prints, so I am able to provide it for myself or the clients when needed. (See Cover for Rock band Gate, all Create in my home studio) Occasionally, people ask me to photoshoot their portraits and I am very often keen to grab the opportunity to work with a model.

Interior Photography

As my professional focus turned on furniture design. Naturally, I’ve taken the responsibility for final photo documentation of the company products. I can provide more than just photographs as I also edit for a brochure or web. The perfect interior or event exterior photos are built up in fact from a few different expositions. People demand to see a magazine bright sparkling and shiny product.

Event Photography

I have enthusiasm for event photography. It can be hard work with lots of running around, but I get to visit amazing venues, capture the atmosphere and people enjoy themselves. Sometimes you need to not be perceived but still to appear in the right place and at the right time, ready the capture the best shots.

The events are not only about people. Usually, there is a lot of preparation in each detail to create an atmosphere which makes the visitors feeling special. From a table decoration to food presentation. That all is a part of representative event pictures. I have been photographing of The duke of Beaufort’s hunt ball for 3 years.

Photography Blogging


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