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Where is your happy place?

Love spend time with my bees in the wood

Top Bar

I have been beekeeping since 2016. Maybe as any beginner, I am trying to experiment with different options. I like a more alternative ways of beekeeping. That’s why I bought 2 older topbars and trying to improve them. After the first year, I have to say I enjoy to have them in the top bar. It’s not perfect but what is? I am capable to make an improvement myself.

The first change, which I have done was make more entrances and landing board from the side. The bigger change was to cut the hive short to be able to put above the national boxes.

As I killed my Queen I appreciated being able to put my other two hives above the bees which could not produce a new queen at the end of the season.

The next change would be to build a flexible roof.


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